Finish products for decoration

1. Cap mosaics, mounted on wood panel, with/without frame.
2. Poster and Mural printed on vary materials.

Packages for DIYer.

DIY package, 50% ready, need you to assemble it.
We will design the mosaic based on your custom requirement.
we will print indivdual Metal Caps or Badge for you,
and we will generate the workplan guide sheet.

Design Software, Materials, and Equipments

Design Software: Cap Mosaic Maker.
Materials: Blank Tin Cap, Blank Badges.
Equipments: Panel Printer, Badge Maker, Cutter.

Cap Mosaic Maker – Design Software

Blank Tin Caps, UV Printer, Printed Caps

Blank Badge Materials, Paper Cutter, Badge Maker, and Finish Badges