Cap Mosaic DIY Kits

We offer DIY packages to our customer.

In Cap Mosaic DIY package, You will receive a box of bottle caps, they are seperated in small bags, each bag contains one single design only.
And you will receive a workplan printed on paper.
The workplan indicates the pattern, and location of each indivdual cap.
Follow the workplan, you can use glue to fix the caps to base materials (wood panel, wall, or other thing).

Done Project:

We offer 2 type of DIY Package.

  1. Predesigned Cap Mosaic.
    They are designed based famous masterpiece.
    Everything is ready in package, bring it home and do your handwork.
  2. Customize Design.
    Send your perfed picture to us,
    Tell us your requirement, such as mosaic size, cap size, etc.
    we will use it to design the cap mosaic, print caps for the mosaic,
    and generate both preview picture and workplan for you.

You can choose 2 finish materials

  1. Beer Caps
    Pictures are printed on tin caps directly.
    Typical size: 28mm

  2. Badges.
    Pictures are printed on Photo Paper first, then it is cutted and applied to tin badges.
    Typical size: 25mm 32mm 37mm 44mm 50mm and other size.

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